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Legal page for eflexonics

BAM project (Brick And Mortar) a program specifically designed for Brick and Mortar small to medium sized for profit and non profit business’s and charities.

By clicking on this page, or any of the other pages owned by eflexonics, or Rick Haaland of ‘eflexonics holistic technology brokers’ you agree to the content, regulations and specifications outlined in this document. Eflexonics cannot be held responsible for any increase or decrease in market share, profits or fluctuations (increase or decline) of business growth because of an association or direct connection of video’s created by eflexonics or Rick Haaland of eflexonics. The video marketing program is specifically designed to educate and inform visitors to our clients sites on the internet.

We anticipate that the eflexonics videos will act as a small business support system, and that when used in conjunction with other marketing platforms (email, direct mail, radio, TV, flyers, demonstrations, public talks and presentations and any other forms of verbal or non verbal communication) it will add to the overall positive impression marketing to the small business owner.


Eflexonics (eflexonics holistic technology brokers) has been created to take existing technology and re-purpose it using the clients (small business owners) own collective business content in the form of education and information. We use an interview style of Webcast show, and also provide a Gadget/Widget/Training type of platform that involves the clients information, ideas, structure, existing marketing and branding to enhance the small business image and market penetration.

We are digital small business story tellers, and provide professional grade broadcasting equipment for the client, and ask them to participate in designing their own video based Webcast show for consumption on the internet (at regular definition formats, example
‘ 640 by 480’ video quality, and 48,100 16 bit audio quality) High definition is also available.

Our intention is to help the small business owner create a series of short (3 to 6 minute) video commercial type presentations that they can use on their internet platforms to attempt to enhance their position in their particular marketplace.

The goods, services and products offered by eflexonics has specific purposes. The main purpose is to be able to inform and educate existing and potential clients regarding the business owners (in this case, anyone who operates either a for profit, or non profit business that eflexonics has done work for) about their own goods, products and services through a series of Webcasts created by eflexonics.

This program, campaign, platform or concept created and used by eflexonics is designed to be loaded and used on the small business owners website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platform now in existence, or social media platform that will be created in the future after the writing of this document in 2014.

For the eflexonics video marketing program to work with maximum impact, it is the responsibility of the small business owner who is using any services, goods or products from eflexonics to be diligent in embedding the video codes, or otherwise placing a true representation of the eflexonics work (either paid for or promoted for a discounted amount, or in some cases provided for free) on their main social media platform, usually their website or blog within 48 hours of any form of communications from eflexonics stating that some, or all of the video marketing strategies have been completed, and have been loaded onto a support page of eflexonics choosing.

In this case, if we are serving clients in the Abbotsford area, the embed codes will be loaded onto a page with the legal business owners name. Otherwise, if the client is outside of the Fraser Valley, for example, in Kamloops, then eflexonics may load the YouTube embed codes onto a specific website owned by eflexonics. In this case, it could be

If these marketing videos that eflexonics has created for the client are not used on any of the clients social media platforms, then our BAM program cannot be used as intended or designed, and results of the program can be less than the client anticipates. It is only when these suggestions are followed specifically can the small business owner expect to increase market share and profits by using all of the guidelines set out in our BAM project.

Eflexonics cannot be held responsible for any liability whatsoever concerning any of the services, goods or products eflexonics provides because of the inability of the small business owner, (eflexonics client) to react in a timely manner (48 hours) to formally request in an email (complete with a ‘read’ receipt sent to eflexonics) to adjust, take down, modify, shorten or otherwise in any way manipulate the content of any video’s created for the client, even if he, she, a limited or incorporated company or sole proprietorship feels (interprets) that the content may negatively affect their sales, or damage their reputation either personally, or through their small business.


Eflexonics can choose to bill full or partial payment to the client for a variety of situations. If the project is larger than the standard priced package (see our price listings for standard priced packages in our price page) eflexonics can ask for a 50% down payment, and the rest upon completion of the project.

Eflexonics will be the sole owner of the Webcast series created for the client (small business owner) until the amount owed to eflexonics is paid in full. If the bill is not paid within a time period of 30 days of the completion of the Webcast series, eflexonics reserves the right to delete the Webcast (partial or entire) videos from any and all social media or electronic storage methods on the internet until the bill has been paid in full.

If the client refuses to pay the bill in full (or make satisfactory arrangements with eflexonics to pay the bill) eflexonics reserves the right to seek legal action against the small business owner for collections.


Eflexonics will make available to the client (small business owner) either a partial or full refund of their paid services if the small business owner agrees in full to completely take down any or all materials from the internet that eflexonics has created for them, or have mentioned them in any promotional materials for the purpose of education, information or promotions. The small business client also agrees that, if they have any digitally stored video’s or promotional materials created by eflexonics to be handed back to eflexonics (if in the case of video’s or promotional materials stored on any physical hardware, hard drive, CD, DVD, ROM, RAM, cloud based infrastructure or any present day storage material presently used, or storage system yet to be invented.

Eflexonics reserves the right to charge a $100.00 per hour minimum for any or all work done for its clients if any form of dispute arises. This charge is to cover costs for work, even if the client rejects the work and does not issue a formal recall of any of the work within the stated 48 hour period.