Blogging/Podcasting/Webcasting For Corporate Events

The internet is an exciting place to be for any small, medium or large corporation these days. It had the ability to separate your goods, products and services from the competition. Just one of the businesses in the Fraser Valley who is doing an outstanding job of using social media to its advantage is: Lepp Farm Market in Abbotsford. They have a beautiful web page that is well balanced, not too flashy so you become lost or confused, host a variety of Chef’s from the Fraser Valley to present cooking demonstrations, shares their favourite recipes and has a ton of interesting information pertaining to their story, store and staff. In essence, they have a very stable social media footprint and enjoy a thriving business. So, what’s to add to a winning combination like that?

Blogging, Podcasting and Webcasting can be the complimentary service to your company that rivals live Radio and/or TV promotions at a fraction of the cost. Imagine recording live demonstrations to all of your clients and prospective customers who simply did not know about the event, or could not make it down to the store in time to view it live. A webcast, complete with audience participation (asking questions and getting answers) can be your best marketing tool you didn’t know existed.

What happens if a live demo is being done and you have an enthusiastic group audience that loves what their seeing are asked for video testimonials. We know, because we’ve been there, done that and even wore the companies Tee Shirt. Those testimonials are more precious than gold to a business owner, marketer, start up or any brick and mortar retail space. They can live for years, establishing the base for a powerful advertising program that involves the local community, as well as the entire internet.

Companies that support ‘walks’ or other community involvements dedicate time, money, energy and business based resources to make it happen. Eflexonics can be there to Webcast about it, and if you have an internet connection where we can hook up to, and your company is taking pledges, we can pod cast and blog about it in real time showing how much to go to reach the goal, or tweet about the special guests who have taken the time to attend the event. We live in a global society, but there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate our generosity by using social media. It’s your instant ‘cheering section’, a ‘fantastic fan club’ and much more.

Blogging, podcasting and Webcasting when used effectively can capture special moments, videos, testimonials, demonstrations, education and information you just can’t get any other way. Package all of that up in an easy to use and consume format and you’ve got social media ready to be delivered to your email list, and that is truly the centre of your marketing campaign.

Eflexonics has both mobile and remote equipment that can create a truly new experience for your clients, and curious potential customers. Let them email in their questions, and have the owners, managers or other qualified staff deliver the answers on You Tube because chances are, someone else has probably thought of the same question before, and may take the time out of their day to watch the video series of your live event. Phone us for details and pricing.