Dynamic Interactive Resume Program

Your social media footprint and reputation follows you everywhere you go. Especially when it comes to interviews. Human Resource departments of companies have now realized that the internet is the perfect ‘collection machine’ when it comes to captured moments of your personal life. Once its up there, it usually stays there, period and there’s very little you can do about getting someone to take it down. Here’s a true but sad story. A young woman who was scouting out prestigious universities was visiting one and sat in the back of a classroom broadcasting on her social media network how ‘stupid’ and ‘these people don’t know what their doing’ to the internet, thinking her private thoughts would stay just that.

She decided on a very short list of universities, and was shocked when the university that she was degrading didn’t accept her into their learning establishment. Rick Haaland, the founder of eflexonics has over ten years in the technical field, and will tell you without doubt that anything that you post or upload to the internet MUST be considered pubic at all times.

Our Dynamic Interactive Resume Program allows perspective employers to view, hear and observe you on video at your best. That means: Bringing an updated resume into the studio with all of your current training and development documented. Dressed for success on camera. During the video interview, still pictures can be taken from the presentation and used to showcase your personal web presence. You can choose to do the entire show by yourself with our team assisting you in the background, or co-host it with one of our staff members if you want a more dynamic and interactive approach to your video resume. We will dress up right along side of you, guide you and allow you to relax and really ‘talk’ to the interview. We have a Teleprompter that makes the process easy, focused and frames it in a very professional setting. If needed, we can create your video resume over Skype, but would suggest that our studios would be the first choice, simply because of the consistency of the finished product.