Webcast Design, Creation and Development

Webcast design, creation and development for small business

In our studio’s, we have a unique, refreshing understanding of your business, (before we even know you) and that is: We know business doesn’t just pop up overnight. It took thought, planning, networking, advertising, securing capital and many other variables to bring it all together. But, at the end of the day, the business is still run by people. Real people with amazing stories to tell, and we help you to do that through video using You Tube.

Did you know that You Tube is the second largest search engine behind Google? The numbers are out, and it has proven that You Tube is now the worlds largest data collection of music as well. It’s where ‘how-to’ video’s are constructed from people all over the world. Major corporations like ‘Home Depot’ understand how powerful this medium is, and they are posting helpful vids for their customers. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the client watches the video and also knows where to get the goods, products or services. In the mind of the consumer, the sale is as good as ‘done’ because a skilled crafts person took the time to show them how to build that deck, paint that metal gutter, fix a chipped cement wall in the house foundation.

These days, when you look at the kind of incredibly aggressive marketing companies are using, they need to spend thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands on advertising just to get the client in their store. This is the exciting news. Eflexonics provides a video based service that showcases you, your business, your client testimonials and your community all at the same time. It really is just like a TV or Radio show completely dedicated to your small business. And, by the way, with all of the new ways You Tube video’s are finding their way around the internet, they are also able to be directly sent to peoples home TV sets to be able to access your own show.

You can spend a tremendous amount of money on web design, Search Engine Optimization, Graphics design and yes, expensive video and audio production, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you live in the Fraser Valley, we would invite you to take a tour of our professional grade broadcast studio’s. We love what we do, and when you see what it can do for your small business, were sure you’ll love it too. Our concept approach to business is really simple. We bring you into the studio, give you an erasable pen and ask you what you want to talk about. Then, you walk over to our giant whiteboard wall and write it down. After about 15 minutes of writing, we sit down, turn on the microphones and cameras and just talk it out. And here’s our promise to you. If you don’t have a ton of fun with our process of showcasing your goods, products and services, WE have done something wrong, and will fix it for you. Webcasting is not new, but it is being realized as one of the most valuable educational and informational tools for almost any small business today.

We’ll give you an example of this. Have you ever heard of the webpage ‘I fix it’ It’s a web site that you can go to in order to fix many things technical, and some things not so technically based. It has thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of video’s on how to fix things. For free. Now, why give away that kind of information for free? Because in order to do business on the internet, you need to create great content on a consistent basis, either by blogging about it, or by Webcasting it to the world. When you have even a small database of information, and people start coming to your website or blog they begin to trust you, and that is where the magic happens. When they trust you, you have established the basis for a business like relationship.

Keep up the fantastic content creation, and invite viewers as well as clients to share their experiences with you, your business and your community. When those things come together, you can offer your goods, products and services to your target market and let them know that you will indeed take care of their needs. Webcasting puts a face to the shingle you’ve hung outside your door, be it traditional brick and mortar style, internet based, or a combination of the two.

If you notice on the ‘I Fix It’ website, they sell some very hard to find manuals, tool kits and other products, but they always use helpful ‘how to’ videos as a base for inviting you into their world. It works, and works well for just about every single kind of business structure on the market today. We just make the process approachable, reasonably priced and enjoyable. That’s why we offer the first video in your series for free. No hassle, no pressure, no regrets. We can Webcast your company from anywhere in the world through Skype, and create a Webcast campaign that can increase your marketshare and improve your profits.