Our Studio: Where The Magic Happens

Our broadcast studio’s are an exciting place to work, play, visit and train in. We have put allot of time, effort and resources into the studio’s to ensure that when you come in to co-host your own Webcast show, showcase your goods, products and services, or find out what your voice narration sounds like in our professional grade quality audio booth you become a part of our team, and not just a client. We’re true ‘Geeks’ who understand the equipment, technology and how it needs to be used to compliment your business needs. We are very different in our approach to service. When you enter our studio, there is a huge whiteboard on one wall and a bunch of erasable pens in one corner in a large jar.

One of the most important things about delivering a superior quality product is to get it from inside your head, onto another surface, and that’s why we let you pick your favourite colour pen and ask you what you want to talk about. You should see the transformation. Imagine, a company that is intently interested in what you have to say instead of what they think you should say. That gets too stuffy and uncomfortable for most folks, so we just let you fill the whiteboard, and you should see the transformation that takes place with small business owners who truly love their businesses. We have included a picture gallery below to show you how much fun our clients have working with us. Just click on any one of the pictures and a slideshow will start.
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